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Mad Scientist: “…’Mini-brains’ created from human tissue that can FEEL and even suffer…”

“An ethical line may have been crossed by neuroscientists who have created mini-brains from human tissue that can feel and may even suffer, experts have warned. So-called organoids are blobs of lab-grown tissue cultivated from human stem cells to resemble … Continue reading

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Episode 123 of Fairy Tale is the worst anime episode I’ve ever seen in my life

This is the stupidest episode in any anime I’ve ever seen.That’s sad because I’ve seen like 300 or so — I stop counting a long time ago. Anyway I don’t know if I should finish watching this anime. The show was pretty … Continue reading

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King Of Fighters 13 – MADKOF VS XIAO HAI

For those of you who crave the highest level of play this should satisfy your desire temporarily. With two of the best players in the world going at each other what more can one ask for?

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US government runs mad scientist like experiments on babies

“A government-funded experiment put the lives of premature babies at further risk, and some parents say they didn’t know.…All three women now say they never would have agreed to take part if they had known the NIH-funded study’s true nature—to randomly … Continue reading

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