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“How drug lords make billions smuggling gold to Miami for your jewelry and phones”

““A large part of the gold that’s commercialized in the world comes stained by blood and human rights abuses,” said Julian Bernardo Gonzalez, vice president of sustainability for Continental Gold, a Canadian mining company with operations in Colombia that holds … Continue reading

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GachiYellow PROVEN correct AGAIN! How many times is that now?

GachiYellow Said: “I’m starting to think Jeff Sessions may be a evil sleeper cell.” https://gachiyellow.wordpress.com/2017/07/26/roger-stone-reveals-jeff-sessions-on-way-out/ Low and behold it turns out Jeff Sessions is compromised! Link below: Alex Jones [3rd Hour] – 1/5/18 – Anonymous U.S. Military Source “Zack” Drops … Continue reading

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Japan: “How hard is it to be a Manga artist?”

https://comicfury.com/forum/viewthread.php?id=10673 This is a form of slavery. I’m seriously pissed now that I found out about this. Many manga artist have almost died attempting to meet deadlines.

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Job Scams: How to spot

“The company kept myself and the other employees motivated by having lectures every morning, telling us how much they wanted to get us out of the field, get us promoted, get us running our own offices. It was essentially a … Continue reading

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[U.S.] Immigration Official Explains how to smuggle in Syrian Immigrants With Fake Passports [VIDEO]

“An undercover video exclusively obtained by The Daily Caller Tuesday claims to show an immigration official in New York giving advice on how illegal Syrian immigrants can receive asylum with fake passports. “The issue with them is that they have … Continue reading

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Revealed “GachiYellow October Surprise [For Election]”

In my previous article I said: I believe Donald Trump can win over the majority of democratic voters with one sentence. Not only that, it’s something that needs to be done. https://gachiyellow.wordpress.com/2016/10/11/gachiyellow-october-surprise-for-election-coming-soon/ Now, obviously I have no influence in either … Continue reading

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How to be over powered in EVERY game you play [Except fighting games]

Based on my experience, and I have a lot of it; I’ve literately played thousands of video games. In every game, no matter what type of game, if you want to play at a high level you will ALWAYS look … Continue reading

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