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Anime Recommendation: Violet Evergarden

Plot “The story revolves around Auto Memory Dolls (自動手記人形 Jidō Shuki Ningyō): people initially employed by a scientist named Dr. Orland to assist his blind wife Mollie in writing her novels, and later rented out to other people who needed … Continue reading

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“National Guard, DEA & state police just raided an 81-year-old cancer patient’s organic garden to ‘protect’ you”

“In a gross display of wasted taxpayer dollars, dozens of Massachusetts National Guard personnel, operating under a grant from the DEA, alongside Massachusetts State Police, descended into the backyard of an 81-year-old cancer patient in a raid last week — … Continue reading

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The three G’s of survival. How to prevent tyranny.

In one of my earlier blog post. I told people how to defeat the NWO. (Spoiler: you kill them) They’re not going to go away. Hitler didn’t go away. He had to be killed. Stalin didn’t go away.  He had … Continue reading

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“Woman SWAT Teamed At Gunpoint After Shopping At Garden Store”

“The raid was a culmination of a MONTH long stake out, during which feds searched through Kirking’s trash, monitored her electricity usage, and generally spied on her activities, all in the belief [no proof] that she was growing marijuana.” http://www.prisonplanet.com/woman-swat-teamed-at-gunpoint-after-shopping-at-garden-centre.htmlContinue reading

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