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New category added: Dragon Ball FighterZ

Most of you probably guess I was going to play this game. It’s not a hard guess. Anyway some of the characters I’m interested in trying are: Android 16, Nappa, Tien, Captain Ginyu, and Android 18 and maybe Yamcha.

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“Vegeta turns super saiyan for the first time.”

  I have to post this now. I always wanted to use that quote in real life. It’s to good. I can’t believe I actually got the chance. It’s so epic. “Let me ask you does a machine like yourself … Continue reading

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DBZ Xenoverse — high level/cheap tatics [Update: 4/15/15]

NOTE: All infinites do not work anymore. New patch has nerfed all known ones.  While I’m at it Ill post a few tips here. 1. Saiyans can power up in their ssj (Super Saiyan) form. This prevents them from running … Continue reading

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