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“…Hong Kong police raid protesters, seize body armor, petrol bomb materials”

“Hong Kong police have seized weapons, armor and materials used to create Molotov cocktails, which they said belonged to radical groups among the protesters labeled ‘pro-democracy’ by western media. According to the police, on Monday and Tuesday they targeted 48 … Continue reading

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“After disarming its citizens, Venezuelan government now uses armored vehicles as weapons to ram into crowds of protesters”

“…Venezuela’s El Nacional newspaper published a series of video clips highlighting one incident in particular in which an armored vehicle drove straight into protesters congregated on the street – this after a “firebomb” was reportedly thrown, setting the scene on … Continue reading

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Episode 123 of Fairy Tale is the worst anime episode I’ve ever seen in my life

This is the stupidest episode in any anime I’ve ever seen.That’s sad because I’ve seen like 300 or so — I stop counting a long time ago. Anyway I don’t know if I should finish watching this anime. The show was pretty … Continue reading

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