Major PR mistake from Donald Trump: “…First MLB player to kneel for anthem”

“A’s rookie catcher Bruce Maxwell… became the first major-league player to kneel during the national anthem on Saturday before Oakland’s 1-0 win at the Coliseum…”

This is a unwinnable battle because Americans died for the rights we have. If someone wants to kneel during the anthem they can. If they want to burn the flag they can. If they want to bemoan this country they can. I’m not an enemy of the President but even I would kneel if powerful persons were pressuring me not to.

I’m going to tell Donald Trump and his administration how to get out of this. This situation isn’t horrible yet. This has the potential to be a good PR stunt if Trump does NOT fan the flames. He should say something similar to “I think kneeling is disrespectful and they shouldn’t do it.” and let the story die.

Listen Trump they are about to claim you’re not only racist but Un-American. Baseball was chosen for a reason and this man’s father is a soldier. This is a high level trap but Trump doesn’t have to fall into it.

If you continue to bash these morons for kneeling they’ll have the moral high ground. I don’t blame you for falling for this trap. Most older people have a higher regard for American symbols. You have more important things to do. Don’t waste your time on sports. They deserve no attention.

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PSO2: [New class] Hero Photon Arts ヒーローのPA

Everyone should know by now but just in case some of you took a break from PSO2 there’s a new class. It’s the “Hero” class and it uses swords, twin machine guns, and talis — most people use swords just so you know. This class is fundamentally different from other classes as it lacks the ability to equip subclasses.

I don’t know how broken it is in comparison to other classes because I haven’t seen many time attack runs with it yet. Maybe I’ll update this blog post again after I see some good ones.

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“Uber Banned in London After Sexual Assaults by Migrant Drivers Skyrocket”

Uber has been banned in London partly in response to skyrocketing rapes by predominantly migrant drivers which the company did not report to police.

According to Transport for London, Uber’s license will not be renewed beyond September 30, with the first reason listed being the company’s “approach to reporting serious criminal offenses.””

Isn’t open borders great? Enjoy that mass rape England. This is what happens when corrupt governments get rid of borders.

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“Governments will close down bitcoin and cryptocurrencies if they get too big, warns Jamie Dimon”

“PMorgan Chief Executive Jamie Dimon… warning that governments will shut them down if they grow too large…  Dimon warned that governments will eventually crack down on cryptocurrencies and will attempt to control it by threatening anyone who buys or sells bitcoin with imprisonment, which would force digital currencies into becoming a black market

Dimon also criticized bitcoin for not being a fiat currency formed by a government and backed by a central bank…”

Notice how everything the government can’t control it wants to make illegal. The truth is exposed in the bold. Bankers hate it because cryptocurrencies are not controlled by central banks.

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Good News: “U.S. Household Wealth Rises $1.7 Trillion to Another Record”

  • Net worth for households and non-profit groups rose by $1.7t q/q, or 1.8%, to $96.2t, according to Fed’s financial accounts report, previously known as flow of funds survey
  • Value of financial assets, including stocks and pension fund holdings, increased by $1.2t
  • Household debt increased at a 3.7% annual rate in the second quarter
  • Household real-estate assets rose by $508b; owners’ equity as share of total real-estate holdings up to 58.4% from 57.9%

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“Clapper Admits Trump Could Have Been Wiretapped During Manafort Surveillance”

“James Clapper, former Director of National Intelligence under President Barack Obama, admitted during an appearance on CNN last night that it’s possible President Trump’s conversations could have been wiretapped.”

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Chemicals in food and other products lowing sperm count… may lead to population extinction

“If sperm counts continue to fall at the current pace, humans could become extinct, a new report revealed… the researchers concluded that the concentration of sperm in the ejaculate of men in western countries has reduced by more than 50 percent in the last 40 years

…the scientists believe a number of chemicals used in everyday products, industries, and farming may be behind the crisis, the Mirror reported

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