“Cheap vitamins are made from GMO glucose syrup fed to bacteria”

“”Bacteria will be fed glucose syrup…” With nearly 90 percent of the corn grown in our nation being genetically modified, the thought of using glucose syrup — which is usually made with this same GM corn — in something that is supposed to boost our health is completely absurd…

places like WalMart contain ingredients like maltodextrin, another ingredient that is typically derived from GM corn…

…you’ll need to do some research to find safe organic vitamins…”


Walmart uses slave labor. Do you really think a place that has slaves wants to help you? Get real. They will profit off your slow death just like they do with their slaves.

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“…vaccinated children have 420% higher risk of ADHD”

“…if you took a group of kids around the same age, half of whom were vaccinated while the other half were not, and checked which group had the better health outcomes, the vaccine debate would be over…

…a group of scientists from the School of Public Health at Jackson State University has nonetheless risen to the challenge.  For those who have been warning parents about the dangers of vaccines… the scientists’ findings are not the least bit surprising

The study, which was published recently in the Journal of Translational Science

Vaccinated children were “significantly more likely than the unvaccinated” to have developed one or more of the following:

Autism: 4.2 times higher risk

ADHD: Also 4.2 times higher risk

Learning disabilities: 5.2 times greater risk

Eczema: 2.9 times higher risk

Allergic rhinitis: a massive 30 times higher risk”


If you’re suicidal vaccines are a good choice. Do not take them unless you have a death wish. It’s a poisonous soft kill and the doctors who give them to you murder for money. All of these doctors know the effects. If not they are not qualified to be doctors.

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President Trump’s Speech In Saudi Arabia

The speech starts at the hour can sixteen minuet mark. Our President is a bad ass. He went to Saudi Arabia and told them and I quote:

Donald Trump said: “If you choose the path of terror your life will be empty. Your life will be brief and your soul will be fully condemned.”

Basically his whole speech is talking about crushing terrorism after the opening formalities.

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Tekken 7 Coming To Steam

“Tekken 7 will launch for PS4, Xbox One and PC on June 2, 2017, Bandai Namco has confirmed… Street Fighter’s Akuma will also feature as a guest character…
Bandai Namco confirmed the release date alongside a new trailer, showcasing the game’s narrative and characters…”


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“MAGI The Labyrinth of Magic Opening 1”

I’m back with another amazing anime recommendation. This one is called “MAGI The Labyrinth of Magic.” Inspired by the classic stories form the middle east “1001 Nights” MAGI follows the the adventures of Ali Baba, Aladdin, and freed slave girl. Ali Baba’s ultimate goal is to become king. They also meet Sinbad during their adventures. If you’re looking for an action, adventure anime with a good story look no further. Magi will satisfy your desires.

Do note there are 2 seasons and 1. spinoff to this anime. 1.) MAGI: The Labyrinth of Magic, 2. Magi: The Kingdom Of Magic, and 3. Magi: Sinbad No Bouken. The spinoff focuses on Sinbad. He’s the main character in it. Wait there’s more. The series isn’t finished yet. The anime caught up to the manga so expect more greatness in the future.

Now go watch it!

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Venezuela, first guns taken, now snipers to “control” protest.

“a Venezuelan general issued orders to prepare for the future use of snipers against anti-government protesters, according to a secret recording of a regional command meeting held three weeks ago at a military base in the northwestern Venezuelan city of Barquisimeto…

the generals discuss the legality and risks of using snipers during the massive demonstrations taking place almost daily against President Nicolás Maduro…”


This is what happens in socialist countries. If you don’t like the government raping your future to bad! They’ll run you over with armored trucks. Link below:

“After disarming its citizens, Venezuelan government now uses armored vehicles as weapons to ram into crowds of protesters”


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“Impeachment protests: Clashes in Brazil…”

“Protests have erupted in Brazil’s major cities over President Michel Temer’s decision not to step down, despite allegations of direct involvement in the unfolding bribery scandal.

Around 5,000 people marched in Rio de Janeiro, chanting “direct elections, now” and carrying banners reading “out with Temer.”


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