“FCC faces historic legal challenge for failing to protect the public from wireless technology radiation”

“On February 2, 2020, a historic petition was filed in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. The petition calls on the court to find out why the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has not updated their 25-year-old guidelines on wireless technology radiation. The petition states that the FCC has “failed to promulgate rational, science-based radiofrequency emissions rules.” The FCC’s inaction, potentially deliberate, is portending a public health crisis.

The petition was filed on behalf of Children’s Health Defense, led by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and a legal team that includes telecommunications and administrative law attorney Scott McCollough. This legal battle seeks to protect the public from the non-thermal harms of wireless radiation and it also seeks to protect the public from the potential corruption between the FCC and the telecom industry, evidenced by the agency’s inept inaction…”


I have a term for this. It’s call murder by omission. They kill by refusing to act. It’s like walking down the street and a person sees someone being raped at knife point and walks in the opposite direction. They’re just as guilty if not more so.

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