[Fake Letter?] WILL THEY PULL OUT?! “Chaos over U.S. troops in Iraq…”

  • General in charge of U.S. coalition forces in Iraq tells military counterpart to prepare for helicopter flights as troops pull up stakes
  • Letter says troops will soon begin flying out in transport helicopters under cover of darkness
  • But defense secretary tells reporters that ‘there’s been no decision whatsoever to leave Iraq, period’
  • Chairman of the joint chief of staff confesses that the letter was a draft released by mistake
  • Donald Trump said Sunday that he would only withdraw troops if Iraq paid the U.S. for building and maintaining the main air base the coalition uses
  • He also threatened greater sanctions than those he has imposed on Iran
  • Iraq’s parliament had passed a resolution, which is nonbinding, urging the government to evict American troops
  • That was in response to Trump green-lighting a drone attack on an infamous Iranian military leader while he was in Baghdad, in Iraqi soil
  • U.S. will send six B-52 bombers to the Diego Garcia air base on an island in the Indian Ocean, to prepare for the possibility of military action against Iran


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