“…AG Barr calls out… George Soros for financing anti-police, anti-law enforcement district attorneys”

“Billionaire financier George Soros has wrecked the economies of several nations. He has openly admitted to a plan to flood Europe and the West with poor refugees as a means of destroying their cultures and creating chaos. He’s not popular and not wanted in his home country of Hungary.

“… he has the same desire to destroy the United States in the same way he’s trying to destroy other Western nations including Great Britain

n a recent appearance on Fox News with host Martha McCallum, Attorney General William Barr criticized Soros for financing the campaigns of anti-law enforcement district attorneys who are also not very cooperative towards or friendly with local police. 

Barr not only said such decriminalization efforts would lead to more chaos and crime on city streets, but he said local police departments already facing shortages of officers will have a tougher time recruiting enough to keep communities safe as candidates seek jurisdictions with friendlier law enforcement environments…”


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