“Vermont taxpayers will now be forced to pay for the transgender mutilation of children…”

“If you’re under the age of 21, suffer from gender dysphoria, and live in Vermont, you’ll now be able to get the “gender affirmation” surgeries and hormones you crave for free, thanks to new rules that force taxpayers to foot the bill for all LGBTQ “transition” procedures…

In order to qualify for this free transgender mutilation, a minor must first spend 12 consecutive months living as the gender he or she is trying to become. After these 12 months, both a mental health professional and a doctor must then deem the desired surgery a “medical necessity” before that child will be allowed to become the next underage drag kid

One of the ways that state after state would seem to be justifying the use of taxpayer dollars to permanently maim gender-confused children is by throwing in the parental consent requirement. But what happens when this is stripped away, like what’s currently happening in Canada?…”


Children can’t vote, can’t smoke, can’t drink, but they can cut their balls off? How does that make sense? It doesn’t because the “elite” are using the LBGT movement to depopulate society. LISTEN “GAY” PEOPLE. YOU ARE NOT FREE OR EQUAL WHEN GOVERNMENTS CAN DAMN YOU FROM BEARING CHILDREN. Do you understand?

Sidenote: “Damn” means condemn.

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