[U.S.] “Virginia sheriff to pre-empt Democrat gun grab by ‘deputizing’ thousands of ordinary citizens so they can keep their firearms”

“As per the Nationalist Review: 

The sheriff of Culpeper County, Virginia deserves the praise of every American who holds the Second Amendment near and dear to their hearts. In the wake of numerous gun control proposals from incoming Democrat lawmakers, Sheriff Scott Jenkins has hit back, promising to deputize thousands of his constituents should any bill threaten their constitutional right to own firearms and thereby impact their ability to defend themselves and their loved ones…

Jenkins’ announcement comes on the heels of a vote by the seven-member board of county legislators, who unanimously approved a resolution to make Culpepper County a “Second Amendment sanctuary” along the lines of the way Left-wing cities, counties and, in the case of California, an entire state, a ‘sanctuary’ for illegal aliens…”


Good police are few and far between but they do exist. This is an example of one.

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