Big Brother: “…New York District starts testing facial recognition system on public school students…”

“The Lockport City School District in upstate New York has spent approximately $4.2 million on the installation of 417 cameras in its high school, middle school and six elementary schools. The new surveillance system will use facial recognition software to monitor students and staff on a day-to-day basis…

Despite its potential to thwart violence and illicit activity, parents, privacy advocates, and some legislators are pushing back against the invasive facial recognition system. Privacy experts warn that the technology can be misused and that it represents a gross violation of individual privacy rights. For one, the system will allow officials to target select students and members of the community. Power-hungry superintendents and principals will be able to treat select students as subjects and track their whereabouts. School officials will be able to enter any source material into the database, including images of students they expelled, people they do not like in the community, or mug shots from the local jail. When their fleet of cameras scans these faces in real time, they are cross-referenced with photos in the database. When the software finds a match, a warning is sent to school authorities…”

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