“Pro-Trump group building border wall with private funds ordered to halt construction”

“We Build the Wall, a Florida-based group that boasts $25 million in donations, wants to construct the fencing to support President Donald Trump’s efforts to create the barrier on the southern U.S. border. The group has already built approximately one mile of fencing in New Mexico near El Paso, Texas, The New York Times reported.

Now the group wants to build a second wall that’s about three miles long and 18 feet tall along the Rio Grande near McAllen, Texas…

A part of the review by the International Boundary and Water Commission is to determine whether the wall will obstruct waterways or violate the treaty with Mexico, according to the email.

“We asked that they not continue construction until our review process has been completed,” Spener said

Kolfage said the group isn’t building the wall yet and is merely preparing to start construction when it receives approval, according to KXAN.

“There’s not been a stop order. There has been no legal injunction,” Kolfage told KXAN. “The IBWC has no control over us clearing sugar cane. Any private property owner does not need IBWC’s permission to cut down sugar cane. We can go burn it down if we want to. They have no control.”…”


The headline is misleading. They need to receive approval first. That’s not necessarily halting anything.

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