Fighting Games: Guilty Gear Is DEAD. Simple Mechanics Target Casuals, Violate Skilled Players

It’s important to recognize that Guilty Gear is known for technical complexity. Even as the most recent Guilty Gear Xrd simplified systems, players still have to contend with high execution characters and universal mechanics that demand frame-perfect timing. That being said, Arc System Works is on the trend of “accessible” fighting games in the form of BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, Dragon Ball FighterZ and upcoming Granblue Fantasy Versus. Many fans who have ran their thumbs sore over mastering Guilty Gear immediately expressed concerns of “dumbing down” the franchise to appeal to what Ishawatari describes as “new and existing players alike”…

Guilty Gear director says 2020 game is a “brand new experience”

I think it’s time I quit playing new fighting games. New system changes include but are not limited to useless dust attack. It makes your OPPONENT save on hit — it doesn’t work like it’s suppose to unless it’s counter hit. There’s much, much simpler combos and system changes; to many to name. It’s that bad. High and low mixup nerfed and won’t lead to worthwhile damage. There’s now startup on throws.

Fuck it I’m not listing all the horrible things of this game. I felt violated when I bought XRD. The new guilty gear is more basic than DBFZ. Needless to say I’m not buying it. For your sake GG developers you better hope all those Esports causal you’re aiming for buy your “fighting game for morons.”

I’m done. This isn’t worth talking about. I won’t be talking about any simplistic fighting game in the future. I won’t buy or play any of them.

P.S. Fuck E-sports. It destroyed an entire genre of gaming single handily cuz duh… casuals!$%@^&!%

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