Video Game Epiphany: The Damage Wall & Time Management

I just thought of a new concept. Well it’s new to me at least. I call it the “damage wall.” I noticed this by speed running RPG’s or games with RPG elements.

It’s hard for me to explain this concept but basically people who speed run spend very little time in any type of menu — this includes weapon & skill customization menus even though such things increase stats / damage.

A normal player will backtrack or hunt for specific item [Random Example: 3 materials in 3 different stages to gain bonus critical damage] A speed runner will not do this. They will not backtrack or hunt for items unless the game forces them too.

This is where the damage wall comes in. It usually appears near or after all end game content. The damage wall is the point at which a player is forced to customize their build for extra damage. I’m glad I thought of this concept. The damage wall usually hits after all or almost all content is complete. That means there’s very little reward for “jumping” this wall. It’s a waste of time

If anyone is still confused let me give a better example. Every gamer knows (or should know) about Final Fantasy 7. Destroying Ruby Weapon in a normal way takes anywhere between 30 minuets and 2 hours. THAT’S THE DAMAGE WALL. You have to do some cheap shit like overflow to destroy it quickly.

Yes, with overflow you’ll destroy ruby weapon in 2 minuets instead of 1 or 2 hours but to get to that point your playtime is going to be 99+ hours due to grinding.  The game itself is 60 hours at most and that’s if the player takes their time.

My conclusion is it’s better to avoid the damage wall. There’s thousands of video games. If I hit the damage wall I’m just going to move on to the next game. It’s a waste of time.

There’s a couple games I was playing. I won’t be anymore. I don’t feel like dealing with the damage wall.

GachiYellow out

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