Master Article: Calamity In Chile

“‘We are at war’: 8 dead in Chile’s violent protests over social inequality”

“That was one of the loudest rallying cries coming from protesters in Chile over the weekend, as demonstrations against a transit fare hike erupted into violent clashes over economic inequalities – which many say have been brewing in the three decades since the country’s repressive military dictatorship.

Since Friday, clashes between authorities and protesters have resulted in at least eight deaths and hundreds of arrests, as well as looted supermarkets, burning buses, and charred subway stations. The headquarters for an electric company and a major bureau for a national newspaper have both been lit aflame.”

“Chile orders new curfew as violent protests rage”

“Chile ordered an overnight curfew for the third day in a row as violent protests and looting that left 11 people dead over the weekend raged on into the working week.

Army general Javier Iturriaga announced the curfew would last from 8:00 pm to 6:00 am as protests originally against a hike in metro fares turned into anger at President Sebastian Pinera and the military.

Iturriaga insisted the curfew was “necessary” despite thousands of people demonstrating peacefully in the capital…”

“Chile paralyzed after three die in protest violence”

Chile… president vows to reverse transport fare hike after mayhem: 3 dead


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