FAKE NEWS: “Lawmakers hit Trump administration for including tech legal shield in trade negotiations”

“Bipartisan lawmakers on the House Energy and Commerce Committee on Wednesday hit the Trump administration for including language from legal liability protections for internet companies in trade negotiations.

The protections from Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which gives platforms legal immunity for content posted by third-party users while also giving them legal cover to take good-faith efforts to moderate their platforms, have been included in some way in both the U.S-Mexico-Canada trade agreement and pact with Japan signed earlier this month.

“I want to talk a bit about injecting 230 intro trade agreements,” Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.) said during a hearing Wednesday. “It seems to me that we’ve already seen that now in the Japan trade agreement and there is a real push to include that now in the [USMCA]. There is no place for that.”…”


It’s not the President’s fault when these companies break the rules deciding to act like publishers not a platforms. Section 230 should stay in place IF these tech companies follow the rules / law. They currently do not so those who break the law should have their 230 removed. Removing section 230 altogether is not the answer.

And that’s why this article is fake news. Trump isn’t helping these companies. He’s trying to get them to act properly. (Which is probably pointless because they’re evil.)

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