“40 Million Americans [Lack Food]… It Will Soon Get A Lot Worse”

“…Today, the gap between the wealthy and the poor in the United States is larger than ever,… the truth is that most Americans are currently living paycheck to paycheck.  And when you are living right on the edge financially, there are times when it can be really tough to even afford the basic necessities…

According to a CBS News article that was published a few months ago, “roughly 4o million people” struggle with not having enough food to eat…

Normally there wouldn’t be too much reason for concern, but this has definitely not been a normal year.  Crops have been failing across the globe, and African swine fever is killing millions upon millions of pigs all over the planet.

In fact, thanks to the horrific outbreak of African swine fever in China, pork prices over there are 69.3 percent higher than they were a year ago…”

40 Million Americans Already Don’t Have Enough Food To Eat – And Here Is Why It Will Soon Get A Lot Worse

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4 Responses to “40 Million Americans [Lack Food]… It Will Soon Get A Lot Worse”

  1. jonolan says:

    Good of you for pointing that “normally there wouldn’t be too much reason for concern.” I can respect your opinion due to that statement, and that’s a rare thing from me to someone Leftward.

    Here’s the maddening thing though: “Food Insecurity” is bullshit and even more of a bullshit metric in the US (Can’t vouch for its equivalent terms elsewhere). It’s utterly subjective. Essentially they ask people if they were – and how often and how much – ever worried about having enough food and that’s it.


    • gachiyellow says:

      The writer of that article is on the right. Or did you mean you’re on the left? You’re right that food insecurity shouldn’t be a thing. The reason it is is because of artificial scarcity. With our current level of technology no one should lack access to food. Also in the US with food stamps and food banks being a thing I don’t see how many people could go hungry during a normal year.

      With so many crops failing this could become a major problem though. Hopefully it doesn’t.


      • jonolan says:

        You’re missing or ignoring the point. Food insecurity shouldn’t be a thing, isn’t a real, and should be ignored. It’s one step up from being outright lie since it’s utterly subjectively measured.


      • gachiyellow says:

        I didn’t ignore anything. Why are you arguing with me when I partly agree with you? I agree it shouldn’t be a thing but it **is** because of artificial scarcity, which is real. Now the number of people that miss meals in the U.S. can be argued but I know for a fact, first hand, the working poor skip meals to pay the bills. Do they starve? No, but if 3 meals a day is the standard they wont eat that many times a day. They may eat once or twice a day.

        I wont argue if the number are bloated or not. Like you say that can be subjective depending out how the question is asked. In that respect it is a lie like you say depending. But it is a fact some people in America skip meals and not by choice.


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