Master Article: Apple The Abhorrent – Yet Another Evil Corporation


“Apple Moves Mac Pro Production to China”

Big Tech Breakup? “…U.S. Justice Dept considering Apple probe -sources”

Censorship: Twitter& Apple Ban Health Ranger and Natural News

Apple Aides Terrorist! “… Gives Deep State Access To Roger Stone’s iCloud Account… Refusing To Violate Privacy of San Bernardino Terrorists”

“Apple FaceTime bug lets you listen in on people you call, even if they haven’t picked up their iPhone”

Evidence shows China infiltrated Apple and Amazon with [malicious hardware]

“Chinese spy chips are found in hardware used by Apple, Amazon…”

“Apple gives you a TRUST rating – and it’s based on [SPYING ON] your phone call and email habits”

“Apple Struggles to Reassure [LIE TO] Feds: Our iPhones Are Not Spying on People

Made In China: Apple products, parts, & or materials more & more likely to come from China

“Apple, Amazon and Google Also Are Bracing for Privacy Regulations”

Good News: “Apple Faces Multiple Lawsuits Over Slowed-Down iPhones”

Apple Moves Chinese ICloud Operations & Enencryption Keys To China

“Apple faces avalanche of lawsuits over deliberate obsolescence of iPhones”

Crime – Tax Evasion – ” Apple finds new offshore haven… avoiding billions in tax”

Apple refuses to pay multi-billion euro tax payment to Ireland

“Apple’s new ‘wireless’ headphones emit radiation … right next to your brain”

“Apple… slave labor in China: $1.85 per hour with 72-hour work weeks”

“Apple engineered surveillance back door into 600 million iPhones”

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