“US to develop new missiles as INF treaty expires – Pentagon” & Trump calls for new deal

“The Pentagon announced that the US intends to develop conventional ground-based missiles previously banned under the INF arms control treaty, on the very day it expired following Washington’s unilateral exit.

Now that we have withdrawn, the Department of Defense will fully pursue the development of these ground-launched conventional missiles,” a Pentagon spokesman said in an emailed statement on Friday. 

The US cited Russia’s alleged breach of the INF treaty as the pretext to withdraw from it in February, starting the six-month clock until the treaty officially ended on August 2…


“Trump calls for new nuclear deal with Russia & China after killing INF”

“On the same day the US ended a landmark 1987 arms control treaty, US President Donald Trump said he wanted a new, comprehensive nuclear deal with Russia and China. Can Moscow and Beijing trust Washington?

“We’ve been speaking with Russia about the pact for nuclear,” Trump told reporters outside the White House on Friday, adding that “China is very excited about it” too. 

This is not the first time the US president has brought up the ambitious nuclear weapons reduction plan. He first referenced it in April, arguing that the ultimate goal is to “get rid” of as many nuclear weapons as possible…”


Our President will keep his word but the world need to realize America is in a civil war. There may come a time when evil elements of the U.S. launch an attack or false flag against Russia. Russia you lose if you respond with force or go to war. Both countries will be destroyed. If you want to stop America from doing evil things you have to steal their moral high ground. You don’t stop them with force. You stop them with morality. Our government is corrupt as hell but American citizens are generally “good” people. Instead of buffing your military you should be increasing your surveillance systems.

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