“Google manually censors conservative websites from search results, “blacklists” ideological defectors”

“… we now have undeniable proof from Google’s own “lips” that the Silicon Valley enterprise has taken it upon itself to police the content that people are allowed to access on the internet.

The Daily Caller, having obtained exclusive access to now-leaked internal documents from Google, recently blew the lid on this massive scandal, revealing a dark plot by Google to “blacklist” websites that it deems as violating either its “misrepresentation policy” or its “good neighbor policy” – both of which are Orwellian to the core in their approach to deciding “acceptable” forms of online speech.

According to Google documents, now unsealed, Google’s “Trust & Safety” team actively monitors the websites that are added to Google’s “XPA news blacklist,” ensuring that these websites don’t show up in any Google “search feature” or “news product.”…”


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