Study: More than 1/4 of children who take measles vaccines still develop measles

“A groundbreaking new study published in the peer-reviewed journal Vaccine found that, despite what health authorities routinely claim, measles vaccines don’t provide true protection against measles, nor do they contribute to the mythical fairy tale of “herd immunity,” which is supposed to protect everyone in a community against measles because most people are vaccinated.

Entitled, “Assessing measles vaccine failure in Tianjin, China,” the study looked at Chinese children between the ages of eight months and 19 years, 97 percent of whom receive both the first and second dose of MCV. They discovered that, despite receiving the vaccine, many of these children still developed measles.

A shocking 25 percent or more of the measles cases analyzed as part of the study occurred in children who had “received 1 dose (of MCV) prior to contracting the disease,” which led researchers to conclude “that one vaccine is insufficient.”…”

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