“The U.S. Senate has voted to curtail the nearly unchecked ability of the Internal Revenue Service to confiscate cash from someone, make a few allegations but never file any charges and then keep the money.

Called forfeiture, it’s been in the news lately in several egregious cases. The U.S. Supreme Court warned in an Ohio confiscation case earlier this year that states must follow the Constitution’s ban on excessive fines in such situations…

“The IRS used civil forfeiture to take hard-earned money from innocent small-business owners,” said Institute for Justice Senior Attorney Darpana Sheth, who heads IJ’s National Initiative to End Forfeiture Abuse. “With Congress so bitterly polarized, it’s encouraging to see hundreds of representatives stand together against this inherently abusive practice.”…”

If you’re a citizen and you steal you go to jail. When the government steals they get promoted. Congress it’s in your best interest to follow though with a just law outlawing forfeiture seizures. You steal from the wrong people you wont steal ever again. It’s best you figure out that riddle before it’s to late.

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