“Pentagon admits biological attack against America has no real defense”

“The federal government is in a predictive programming frenzy concerning the potential for a nationwide biological attack, warning that there are no weapons in the current defense arsenal to stop a major pandemic from spreading like wildfire.

Suggesting that it’s only a matter of time before something serious like ebola sweeps the country, government scientists in partnership with the Pentagon’s “top brass” recently convened in Philadelphia to discuss the alleged threat of a bio attack – and to make the not-so-subtle case that Big Pharma needs to be allowed to fast-track approval for emergency drug and vaccine “cures.”…”


Don’t worry Pentagon, during a bio attack you wont have to worry about lack of vaccines. Those aisle in the store will be full. Unfortunately the aisle with Hockey equipment will be empty. At that time you won’t have to worry about murdering the masses with vaccines. There’ll be an orgy of death and you’ll be dead [literally] in the middle of it. Since you love murder so much I’m sure you’ll be in Heaven.

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