ALEX JONES Show: 6/3/19 -Blue Cities Turn Filthy Shitholes, BIG TECH & Antitrust, QAnon Debacle

My opinion is QAnon is a FAILED psyop. In a information war the best tactic was and always will be truth and transparency. MAKE NO MISTAKE JEFF SESSIONS IS TRASH! THIS CORRUPT GOVERNMENT MAY WHITE WASH WHAT HE DID TO THIS COUNTRY TO SAVE FACE BUT THAT DOESN’T CHANGE THE TRUTH. All these God Damn traitors need to be executed.  Jeff Sessions is guilty of covering up / not upholding the law. I will say the same thing for the new AG if he does not do his job and end this corruption.

I keep saying this. “Good” people in this government ARE NOT GOOD. If they were good there would be no deep state treason. (that’s basically 80% of the government that’s fucking traitors) If the people in government were good there would be no big tech censorship.

I’m starting to get really pissed. QAnon is TRASH. All you people that think lying, oops I mean “disinformation”, helps this country are TRASH! Your strategies suck!

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