KurtzPel: How To Play Strategy Guide [Update: 5/30/19]

I noticed a lot of people don’t know how to play this game. This guide will teach you how to play. For those of you who think “this guide isn’t for me.” It most likely for you. Are you concerned about out damaging your teammate in PVE? Do you run in the opposite direction of teammates when monsters chases you? Do you use similar weapon types as teammates? If you said yes to any of these I want you to know you suck.  Don’t worry because there’s hope for you.

Karma Types (Basically Your weapon type or character class)

1.) Sword of Taliah is a melee Karma. It deals high guard damage and low health damage.
2.) Dance of Wind is a offensive Karma. It deals high health damage and low guard damage.
3.) Diabolic Witch is a magical offensive Karma. It deals high health damage and low guard damage.
4.) Blazing Fist is a close melee Karma. It deals high guard damage and low health damage.

Basically there’s 2 different types of karma. One does deal direct damage to health. The other deals damage to guard.

Ideally, in a two man team ONE person should do guard damage and the other should do direct damage to health. In general do not use the same damage type as your teammate. This is how you play PVE. This is how a TEAM should function. This is why competing in PVE is stupid. To optimize clear times players need to specialize. There are exceptions to this rule but  in general use this as a rule of thumb.

Why should you follow the info listed above. If both players guard break for example in a lot of cases its to time consuming to switch weapons when needed. The guard break combo will end prematurely resulting in less damage and slowing completion times.

Direct damage dealers (wand and bow) You have a two part role. Deal damage and attempt to control aggro. Range is your defense so use it. Don’t be a dick and force melee to guard break and keep aggro. This yields slower times in general. The more you distract the monster the quicker your ally, who should be dealing guard damage, guard breaks the opponent. Quicker guard breaks = more damage overall. If melee is force to deal with constant aggro, meaning they have to waste time dodging instead of attacking, good luck completing missions under 3 minuets. (For those who don’t know 3 minuets is the time limit for a kill to increase difficulty)


-Guard damage dealers. (Melee) Break the enemies guard as quickly as possible. For large enemies and multiple enemies use Sword. For smaller enemies use Knuckles. Also, for the love of God do not use 1 shot attacks when the enemy is about to be guard broken. Guard break with a combo. This is how you juggle / stun lock enemies. Playing as a breaker requires higher skill than other classes. If you don’t guard break properly or combo properly your team will most likely fail. Range classes should control aggro but they can’t keep it all times. All they have to do is shoot and stay near you. You as the breaker have to do everything else. Also if you’re a breaker and your running away from the enemy, not towards the enemy, there’s a problem. Attack, attack, attack, at all times. Can’t do this? To bad get good.

Also note large enemies can be downed (guard broken) twice in a row. No matter what karma you are use rage gauge after the first down. This will result in an immediate second down allowing maximum damage output.

No matter what class you are the only time you should run away from your teammate is when stealing aggro allowing them to heal. The idea is to dodge enemies in near vicinity to each other allowing support to be provided. Don’t stand beside your teammate (the team will be wiped by AOE instant kill) but be near them  It is an extreme waste of time if you or your teammate have to chase the enemy around the map. Not only is this time consuming if either of you die it may be impossible to revive in time.

This is how to play properly in a nutshell. I may add more but these are the basics.

GachiYellow Out

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