Street Fighter Alpha 3 Tier List – GachiYellow Discovers New Concept!

V Akuma
A/V Dhalism
V Sodom

V Sakura
V Vega (Claw)
V karin

V Zangief
V Sagat

V Rolento
V Ryu
V Charlie
V Camy
V Cody
V Gen

A/V Rose
A Guy
A/V Chun-Li
V Ken

A/V Adon
A Bison (Dictator)
A/V Blanka
V Juli
V Balrog (Boxer)

A/V R. Mika
A/V Dan
V Honda
A/V Birdie
V Juni”

Before I start I just want to say I believe the people who say “Tier list don’t matter” are stupid. They do matter. Now Tier list can be wrong or people may disagree on character placement but in general it’s much easier for people at the top of the list to win. It’s just a fact. There’s no debating this.

Any who back on topic. Many people when they decide to pick characters in fighting games they refer to tier lists. I even used it to an extent. In the past I liked to consider myself a mid tier or low tier hero. Not anymore!

GachiYellow discoversĀ  new concept: Time Efficient characters (Applies to all fighting games)

I’m a little different from most people. Most advanced SFA3 players use Vism unless they play Guy. I’m a fairly decent player if I do say so myself. I can do Vism infinite combos. Despite that fact recently I switched to X-ism.

Now if you’re good at SFA3 you may be asking yourself “GachiYellow why would you do that? Vism is high tier you’ll win more with it.” That’s true but overall X-ism is a more time efficient meter. I win faster. *I also lose faster.* It doesn’t matter what character on average X-ism grants quicker rounds than other meters. It’s not abnormal for me to have 20 second rounds with X-Cody. The way I see it is if I only have a hour to play I’ll have more matches on average during that session.

There’s no debate infinite combos are broken — but guess what? As broken and fun as infinite combos are they take a long ass time. I’d rather kill the person and call it a day. Also in theory I should improve faster. Time is finite. More matches in less time is a good thing in my opinion.

This realization I explained to you lead me to change what characters I main all fighting games. Now when I pick a character in a fighting game I pick what I consider to be the most time efficiency character. This is a completely different concept from the tier list. “On average how long will this characters matches last?” This is the new question I ask myself when deciding on a character in fighting games.

I can’t emphasis how important this concept is to me now. Using SFA3 as the example it’s why I use X-ism. It’s the most time efficient meter. It’s also why I use Cody. I believe he’s the most time efficient character. I hope I did a good job explaining my new concept. I tried to, to individuals before but they replied with “you will lose more.” I know that. My goal is not having the best matchups. More matches per session is my goal.

It may not make sense to anyone else but it makes sense to me, and that’s all that matters, haha.

GachiYellow out

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  1. gachiyellow says:

    Note for the 3 people that read this: My fighting game section is mostly for myself. I see this section of my blog as my personal note pad. That’s why I’m talking about a “dead” game. These posts are not for clicks. They’re for me.


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