“U.S. Must Put a Ban on Google Helping China Develop a Global Digital Dictatorship”

“Google’s AI efforts in China, Weichert says, will require the company to expand its cloud computing capabilities in the country—it is exploring cooperation with China’s Tencent in this area—and it will need quantum computing. Google will be making substantial contributions to China’s advancement of these critical technologies.

Of all companies, Google should know that any research conducted in China will find its ways into the hands of the Communist Party and the Chinese central government. Theft for Google is not a theoretical concern. China, after all, stole Google’s source code back in 2010. (The Chinese government said Google’s claim about an attack by hackers based in China was “groundless.”)

Google must know that China’s military, which reports to the Party, will benefit directly from its research…

By refusing to help the U.S. government to obtain necessary advantages to defend freedom, Google is only accelerating the day in which China achieves its goal of a global digital dictatorship,” Richard Fisher of the Virginia-based International Assessment and Strategy Center told The Daily Beast…”


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