Mark Of The Beast: “Chinese actress, 39, is BANNED from leaving the country…” [Due To Social Credit Score]

  • China-born, U.S.-raised Michelle Ye Xuan was stopped at the border in Beijing
  • The star had been blacklisted by the social credit system without her realising
  • She had refused to apologise to her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend after defaming her
  • It remains unclear if Ms Ye was using a Chinese or U.S. passport at the time
  • Millions of Chinese have been banned from trains and planes by the system

A well-known actress and former international beauty queen has been banned from travelling out of China after being deemed ‘untrustworthy’ by the country’s social credit system.

China-born, U.S.-raised Michelle Ye Xuan, 39, only found out about the travel restriction against her when she was about to board a plane in Beijing last month…

You’re going to accept the beast or else you will DIE of starvation. How did people 2,000 years ago know about this? It’s almost like a higher power told them about it. *Gasp*

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