“‘We’re easy victims:’ Inside the country so dangerous to police that officers are fleeing”

“They were given one of the most dangerous orders in policing: Take down MS-13.

They were bankrolled by the United States and trained by FBI agents.

But members of the Salvadoran police have been killed by the dozens in each of the past three years, most in attacks that investigators and experts blame on MS-13, an international street gang. At least nine officers were killed in the first month of this year.

Now, a number of El Salvador’s police officers are fleeing the gang they were tasked with eliminating…”


You know I REALLY don’t want to say negative things about police here but I’m forced to. The naivety on their part is to great. Did you people seriously not know MS-13 was going to fight back? These ANIMALS (MS-13) are evil. There’s a high possibility they wont even target you. They’ll target your friends, family, and children.

When you take a “job” like that you have to be prepared to wake up one day to a phone call and on the other side of the phone is your 6 year old daughter screaming in intense agony. This is how evil operates. This is one of the few times I hate to criticize police because they meant good but damn it’s stupid not to think about this sort of thing before you sign up for what’s basically a war with no chivalry.

If you go you better be prepared to die in the most horrible way possible. I’m not saying I can do better. I’m just stating a fact. Come to terms with reality.

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