REPUBLICANS Push For Open Borders: Like Democrats They Want To Destroy America

“Vice President Mike Pence faced a wall of resistance from Senate Republicans on Tuesday as he tried to sell President Donald Trump’s national emergency declaration on the southern border, according to multiple GOP sources…

More than a half-dozen Republican senators are mulling voting for the resolution…”

Anyone that pushes for open borders hopes for nothing but death and destruction, THEY HATE YOU. THEY HATE YOUR FAMILY. THESE PEOPLE WANT YOU DEAD!

Listen closely, the last legitimate president America had before Trump was JFK. What did he get for his troubles? A bullet to the head courtesy of the Deep State. What the president is doing is legal and if he doesn’t get our borders under control it’ll be the end of the United States Of America. There IS a crisis at our southern border. A country can not exist without borders. No border = No country. Comprende?

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