GachiYellow Passes Over SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy. Adds To Do Not Buy List

The Law Of GachiYellow: Thou Shalt Not Buy Games With Esports Mechanics.

What did fighting gamers do to deserve the curse of Esports? Normally I would have bought SNK HEROINES Tag Team Frenzy. It looks like it would have been fun to play. Guess what? It won’t be with simplistic controls. One direction plus a button for special attacks? No thanks.

It’s like I’m cursed! Why the hell can’t I just play games in peace. Every time I turn around; SJW, Esports, micro transactions, pay to win bullshit, there’s always something implanted into new games to fuck up enjoyment or replay value.


Athena, one of the most complex characters on KOF13, a very good and complex game,  has 2 button special attacks?  What the hell? Psycho Sword is down+Attack button? This shit is SHAMEFUL.

I’m done. This is trash. This game doesn’t deserve the time I gave it.

GachiYellow Out.

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