Fighting Games: DOA6 = Dead On Arrival 6?

For those of you who haven’t been following this game let me provide some backstory. This will get you up to date. For God knows what reason Team Ninja thought it would be a good idea to cater to SJW’s. (Social Justice Warriors) What do I mean by this? Team Ninja thought it was a good idea to listen to Feminist for advice on how to present women in DOA6. See link below

“Dead or Alive 6 No Longer Focusing on Sexualization with New Costume Changes”

Long story short Team Ninja came to their senses before they committed financial sepukku. (a form of Japanese suicide) I guess they didn’t like the idea of “Get Woke, Go Broke.” Team Ninja realized that’s where they were “going” so they made a good strategic move at Evo Japan to change directions. What do I mean? DOA6 was banned from live streaming at Evo Japan for using real women to demonstrate how jiggle physics work in real life. For more details on how DOA6 was banned form Evo Japan live stream for lewd sexual acts see link below.

Now for sure this will help sales because everyone hates SJW’s. They ruin everything. That being said is it to little to late? First of all not everyone will see Evo Japan. Second, the damage is already done. It may be to little to late. Third and the worst part the game is already created with SJW character models. The girls are WAY less sexy looking, less curvy, less revealing than previous titles. People may think DLC can fix that but it won’t. DLC may reveal more skin with sexy costumes but DLC wont fix character models. The women are *flat* in comparison to there previous versions in other games.

Aside from all that there’s a even bigger problem. The mass simplification of fighting games is affecting DOA6. This series was already somewhat simplistic to begin with. You want to end a combo? How about pressing the fucking trigger buttons four times in a row. FUCK THAT SHIT! If getting “woke” doesn’t make Team Ninja broke esports mechanics A.K.A. oversimplifying their game will.

Personally fighting games appealing to Esports makes me WAYYYYYYYY more angry than games appealing to SJW’s ever could. I give don’t two shits and a drop of piss about how fighting games characters dress. I DO care about the fighting engine. That means I will not buy DOA6. DOA6 IS TRASH BECAUSE OF THIS! I predict DOA6 will bomb because of these two issues.

All that being said is there anyway for Team Ninja to redeem themselves? Well for people like me who like complex fighting game mechanics no there’s no way DOA6 can get us to buy. The game would need a complete overhaul. That being said Team Ninja CAN prevent their game from becoming a total flop by becoming as Anti-SJW as possible. Increase jiggle physics to the max. Increase bust size and curvyness to the max. In all honesty I think the developers should consider an official nude patch at this point. If that’s impossible they better get as close as they possibly can to making the females nude. Add lewd gestures into the game — you name it. If it’s sexual they need to include it. That’s the only way I see this game surviving.

GachiYellow Out

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