Like CHINA: “Pentagon releases blueprint for accelerating artificial intelligence”

“The Pentagon made public for the first time on Feb. 12 the outlines of its master plan for speeding the injection of artificial intelligence (AI) into military equipment, including advanced technologies destined for the battlefield…

It depicted AI’s embrace in solely positive terms, asserting that “with the application of AI to defense, we have an opportunity to improve support for and protection of U.S. service members, safeguard our citizens, defend our allies and partners, and improve the affordability and speed of our operations.”…”

This is American propaganda in its rawest form. Notice how the article about China, on the exact same topic, written by western media was negative. America does the same thing as China yet this time its a good thing?

Fuck this shit man. This is why I’m not patriotic. I can’t be even if I wanted to. I refuse to be a hypocrite! If I am one at least I try to avoid being one. Just for reference let me post the article about Chinese artificial intelligence below:

“China… killer… stealth drones… airstrikes without a human…”

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