God Eater 3: Tips & Tricks [Update: 3/3/19]

Strategy #1:  Taking advantage of A.I. programming.

Did you know the A.I. is very predictable in some ways on this game? Case in point the A.I. will almost always attack you if you switch to Gun form. It knows you can’t block in this mode.

How to take advantage of this:
While the enemy is fighting another player or NPC put some distance between yourself and the enemy. While still in melee form throw down a trap. Now switch to Gun form stand behind the trap and shoot. The A.I. will dash at you. Now you have a way to trap the enemy 100% of the time.

***How to make easy money
-Spam assault missions. The first few times I did them I made over 10,000 a run.

***Strategy: NPC Personal abilities – how to max as quickly as possible
-As soon as you start the game, from mission one, Max the skill “Pep Talk” with every NPC and keep it on. This will allow you to buy skills so much more faster. It’s the quickest way I know of to make your NPC’s overpowered as soon as possible. The skill stacks so make sure to max is first before you put any points into anything else with every NPC.

**Below are some examples of what kind of builds I use


-Elemental weaknesses are extremely important in this game.
-Because of this you should use elements enemies are weak to for damage boosts.


-This setup above is for gun users. This is the best setup I’ve found to gain OP. The weapons are important because they gain greater percentages of OP. I don’t recommend changing them unless you do testing to find weapons that gain even more OP.


-These are the most important items (for damage) that I have found useful.
-By stacking the correct elemental power ups with the correct weapons its quite easy to hit for around 2,000 damage, on broken parts, even with subpar weapons.

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