“Falling wages, rising housing costs fuel homelessness among aging Americans”

“PHILADELPHIA If current trends continue, the number of aging homeless people will more than double in three major metropolitan areas, straining social and medical services, a report released this week concluded…

The report said the coming boom in aging homeless people stems from younger, less educated baby boomers who faced economic challenges in their youth: falling wages and rising housing costs. A disproportionate number wound up homeless, an effect that has persisted for decades…

The national population of people 65 or older experiencing homelessness is estimated to grow from 40,000 to 106,000 by 2030. The predicted spike is based on 30 years of existing census data…”


The government wants to MURDER YOU. They prove it time and time again. They want you poor. If you Think this corrupt government will take care of you when you’re old you’re a dumb ass. Don’t be a moron. Plan for your older years now. If you’re currently poor at least network with a group of friends and family in order to avoid future homelessness.

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