“Bombing Suspect’s Van Appears To Be Covered In Trump Stickers”

“uthorities arrested a man in Florida on Friday after 12 suspicious packages containing explosive devices were sent to various high-ranking Democratic officials. The Department of Justice confirmed the arrest and announced a press conference at 2:30 p.m. on Friday. (RELATED: DOJ Confirms Arrest Made In Connection To Bombs)

Video of police towing away the suspect’s van in Plantation, Florida, revealed that the windows of the vehicle were covered in a number of stickers.

Some of the stickers appear to show images of President Donald Trump, a presidential seal, and a Republican Party elephant…”


Man reading the news is fun sometimes. Yes a bomber with political interest would advertise his political affiliation to the public.

If you’re a useful idiot from the left this news is to good to be true. Everyone knows when something is to good to be true it’s not true.

I call it right now. This is a false flag. Watch, learn, be amazed. If this isn’t a false flag then the bomber has a mental disability.

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