Attempted Murder: Poison mailed to Sen. Ted Cruz office, hospitalizing two workers… Mike Adams predicted beforehand

“Now, just days after Natural News network founder Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, warned Republican senators of impending danger to their lives, reports on Tuesday said that two people who worked at Sen. Ted Cruz’s Houston office were hospitalized after being exposed to a white powdery substance.

According to Fox 26:

Authorities say that two people were taken to the hospital after apparently being exposed to a white powdery substance at Senator Cruz’s office located at the Phoenix Tower on 3200 SW Fwy on Tuesday morning…”

“The anti-America media is barely reporting any of this, because in just one day:

Sen. Mitch McConnell was “accosted and harassed” by a deranged left-wing mob at the Reagan International Airport.

– A mysterious white powder was sent to the Houston campaign office of Sen. Ted Cruz, sending two to the hospital and generating a HAZMAT team response.

Left-wing terrorists sent a package with a suspected quantity of deadly ricin poison to President Trump.

A second package suspected of containing deadly ricin was sent to the Pentagon, apparently intended to kill Secretary of Defense James Mattis.

GOP congressman Andy Harris (R-MD) was physically assaulted by “weed-smoking protesters” in his own office at the U.S. Capitol.

That’s five acts of intimidation and terrorism in just one day… and they were all carried out by the same radical left-wing lunatics who voted for Hillary Clinton and call themselves “Democrats.”…”

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