“China slashes US Treasury securities to six-month low as trade tensions mount”

“The biggest holder of US Treasury bills, notes and bonds – China – has dropped $7.8 billion worth of US sovereign debt as a large-scale trade conflict, launched by Washington earlier this year, breaks new ground.

The latest statistics released by the US Treasury Department showed that China’s share of US sovereign bonds hit a six month low of $1.171 trillion in July, from $1.178 trillion in the previous month. Brazil, the UK, Switzerland, Germany and Hong Kong followed the suit. China’s July outflow of treasuries was the third in the past four months.”


LISTEN CLOSELY, DEMOCRATIC COUNTRIES SHOULDN’T TRADE WITH COMMUNIST COUNTRIES TO BEGIN WITH. In reality the US could force China to become a free and open society via economic means. All the US has to do is say two words, “No trade”, and the Chinese government will change their tune real quick.

This is how reality works but the U.S. government is corrupt so my previous statement will never happen.

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