Medical Warfare: “Common painkillers triple side effects of dementia, study says”

“Common painkillers have previously been linked to heart risks. Now scientists believe the medication could also triple the side effects of dementia, according to a new report…

After they analyzed the results, they found side effects tripled for those who were prescribed buprenorphine, a painkiller prescribed to 15 percent of dementia patients in countries where it is available. They saw a significant rise in personality changes, confusion, and sedation. These patients were also significantly less active…

“Research into antipsychotics highlighted that they increased harmful side effects and death rates in people with dementia. This compelling evidence base helped persuade everyone involved in the field to take action, from policy makers to clinicians, reducing prescribing by 50 percent,” coauthor Clive Ballard said in statement. “We now urgently need a similar concerted approach to opioid-based painkillers and Z-drugs, to protect frail elderly people with dementia from fractures and increased risk of death.”…”

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