Stormy Daniels Arrested In Blue City: Very Suspicious.

Adult film actress Stormy Daniels was arrested in Columbus, Ohio…

Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, was performing at Sirens Adult Entertainment Club on Cleveland Avenue in north Columbus. According to an arrest report, Daniels began dancing around 11:30 Wednesday night. During her performance, officers in the club said they witnessed Daniels using her bare breasts to smack patrons. The officers also said they observed Daniels fondling the breasts of female patrons…”

This is bull shit. It’s also why I don’t go to strip clubs. This corrupt government wants to control your sex life.

“Ohio has rarely used 2007 law that protects strippers: report”

“The charges relate to a 2007 state law called the Community Defense Act that prohibits dancers from touching customers and vice versa – excluding immediate family members…

But despite being on the books for more than a decade, the law is seldom enforced, the Dispatch reported last September…”

Notice the law is to “protect” strippers. This is how the corrupt US system works. They lie and invert reality. Don’t touch another human being. It’s for our protection! As soon as you do you get jailed. In reality this corrupt state claims its actions are for “your protection” but in reality its to completely control and dominate it’s citizens.

All that being said. It’s very suspicious this entire incident when down in a blue city. Honestly if I were the President I would pardon her if she’s convicted. It gets this lady out of the news and that stupid law should NOT exist in the first place. Strip clubs have bouncers. They’re there and paid to be there for a reason.

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