“Japan Limits Overtime To 99 Hours A Month To Curb “Death By Overwork””

“Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s struggle to combat incidences of Karoshi – a Japanese term for “death by overwork” – reached an key milestone on Friday, when Japan’s parliament approved a bill that limits overtime work to less than 100 hours a month per worker, and less than 720 hours per year, while setting penalties for companies that violate the new labor rules, according to the Wall Street Journal...”


To me it appears Japan wants to keep their workers in slavery. 100 hours of overtime is the new limit per month? In a high profile case of Karoshi the female died after working 105 hours of overtime in a month. It’s quite obvious these corrupt companies want to work their employees to near death situations but they don’t want them to actually die.

See article below about case mentioned above:

“24-year-old’s death after working 105 overtime hours in one month causes Japan to rethink work-life balance”


Also, even though Japan has some of the longest working hours they have extremely low productivity.

“Japan ranks low in productivity”

“Japan ranked 19th in terms of productivity in 1999 among the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s 28 industrialized members, up only one place from the previous year, a think tank said Wednesday.

In terms of output per unit of labor, Japan ranked 19th out of the 30 member countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the Paris-based club of wealthy nations, the same rank it held in 2002, according to the Japan Productivity Center for Socioeconomic Development…”


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