Conspiracy: Are Gamers too smart? The Video Gaming Industry Is Actively trying to “dumb us down” [Update: 11/7/19]

“Soul Calibur VI confirmed to be DUMBED DOWN”

“We tried eliminate a lot of complex inputs and commands; because there was definitely a barrier of execution which we wanted to play down–a lot–and let the… sort of ‘mind games’ of the two players be the main focus of the stage.”

“Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite makes big changes in the name of accessibility”

Long story short the game caters to stupid people (not casual gamers). Z motion isn’t to hard. You people have a low attention span. Fighting games a competitive by nature. There’s no need for a “participation award.” NO, YOU LOSE BECAUSE YOU SUCK. LEARN TO PLAY!

“Can we have an honest discussion about SFV difficulty as a whole?”

“How Arc System Works is aiming for a simpler fighter with BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle”

How about you add a win button to the game? The game is to hard! Gamers will feel sad if they lose. Oh, I have a great idea. How about you make it so both players win in a fighting game! That way everyone would be happy!

“Seems like pros are leaving DBFZ. Some think its too shallow”

It’s not just fighting games. Lets have a look at games I don’t even play.

Is Blizzard dumbing down the game? : Overwatch – Reddit

Damn, they got Shooters too? Now that is surprising.

[Fortnite] “V 3.5 removed the high skill gap people loved”

“Poll: Will the competitive side of the “shooter” genre eventually be dumbed down?”

Dumbed down games: who is to blame? : pcgaming – Reddit

As you can see the video game industry is moving as a whole to “simplify” and RIG games. This malarkey is like watching a don king boxing match. Lets add random generators so lesser skilled players can win? I have a better idea developers. How about we boycott your A.D.D. Fighters and Participation Award “competitive” games.

“The Perpetual Dumbing Down of Video Games”

“When will it end? I’ve read an article on the fall of rainbow six.”

Fighting Games: Guilty Gear Is DEAD. Simple Mechanics Target Casuals, Violate Skilled Players

JUSTICE! “Soul Calibur 6 sales down more than 55 per cent” Casuals reject ‘dumbed down’ games?

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