Dragon Ball FighterZ: Teams I Want To Test [Update: 8/19/18]

To be honest I haven’t played this game in a while. The new characters and patch caught my attention. Since I’m back at it I decided I need a main team. That’s kind of important… That’s right. You heard me. I have no main team. In any case I do know this much. I’m fairly sure my main team will focus around Nappa and my sub team will focus around Hit.

Right now the teams I’m looking at are:

—  Broly / ??? / ??? –  I want a Broly team. I don’t know who to use with him at this point.

In general I prefer point based teams over anchor teams for this game.


Team Synergy: Concept proven teams that work:

1.) My main team: ***Nappa, Tien, Goku Yellow
-TOD combo
-2 good beam assist to back up Nappa
-Do note this is a point based team so don’t lose Nappa…

2.) ***Freeza, Vegito, Yamcha
-Type of synergy: Possible to connect 4 level one supers – Example: M,M, H, Super Dash, JL JM jump cancel JL JM, 236S, Freeza level 1 air super, Vegito level 1 gound super, Vegito level 1 gound super, Yamcha level 1 super

3.) -Goku Blue, Tien, Teen Gohan
-Can combo 4 level 1 supers. Example: Goku Blue level 1 air super, Tien level 1 super, Tien level 1 super, Teen Gohan level 1 super — Note: this works only at jump high not super jump (A.K.A. top of the screen) height

4.) Beerus, Base Goku, Yamcha
-Beerus level one air super connects with Super Spirit Bomb (only at super jump height – uses 4 meters)
-Both Beerus and Base Goku assist have good synergy with Yamcha. That means Yamcha can be played on point.
-Goku can fully charge spirit bomb safely on sliding knockdown when assist is called on opponent’s wakeup (which assist depends on positioning.)

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