“Al Green: Democrats Will Impeach Trump if We Retake the House”

“There’s a good likelihood there will be articles of impeachment” brought against Trump, Rep. Green said. “Here is a point that I think is salient, and one that ought to be referenced. Every member of the House is accorded the opportunity to bring up impeachment. This is not something the Constitution has bestowed upon leadership. It’s something every member has the right and privilege of doing.”


Impeachment = civil war. Deep state, N.W.O. I hope you actually impeach him because it’s my mission in life to make sure all you traitors are executed for your crimes. Keep pushing.

Civil war in the US will NOT go as you plan. During the war you pieces of garbage think you’ll wait it out off shore. That’s not going to happen. A lot more people than you think will be taking vacations to exotic resorts during this time. Don’t be surprised globalist when Americans knock on your door and they’re ready to party like its 1776.

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