HISTORIC: N. Korea Meets With S. Korea – Pledges Denuclearization

“The leaders of North and South Korea played it safe Friday, repeating a previous vow to rid the Korean Peninsula of nuclear weapons but failing to provide any specific new measures or forge a potential breakthrough…”


This article tries its best to downplay what’s happening right now. The north and south Korean leaders have never meet face to fact for peace talks to my knowledge. This is a huge step forward.

If Donald Trump can make this happen he’ll be greater than Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln free slaves and ended a war as well but he didn’t free 26 million of them and end a 60+ year war.

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1 Response to HISTORIC: N. Korea Meets With S. Korea – Pledges Denuclearization

  1. gachiyellow says:

    Just to give you an idea

    “The United States Census of 1860 was the eighth Census conducted in the United States starting June 1, 1860, and lasting five months. It determined the population of the United States to be 31,443,321, an increase of 35.4 percent over the 23,191,875 persons enumerated during the 1850 Census. The total population included 3,953,761 slaves, representing 12.6% of the total population.”


    Even if you include indentured servants the number of slaves freed under Lincoln comes nowhere close to 26 million.


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