UMVC3 Team Synergy Thread [3/9/19]

For those of you who don’t know I bought UMVC3 when it came out for steam. That means I’ve played it for a little over 1 year. Well, After a year of play I can finally say I have some high level tech of my own.


***She Hulk (Clothesline Assist) / Iron Man (Repulsor Blast Assist) / Strider (Vajra Assist) (In that order)
This team is SICK. Team synergy (not the characters) is A tier easily in my opinion.
-Both She-Hulk and Iron man can pretty much get full screen OTG combos off Vajra assist.
-Iron man THC infinite for one touch kills (Although I can’t do it that’s the goal)
Use Vajra to keep zoners at bay.
-Super dirty incoming mixups thanks to repulsor blast assist (works midscreen and corner)
-DHC synergy is not bad either

-Two anchor characters. it’s a good team for comebacks.
-She-hulk / Ironman is the shell. If they snap back most people will snap Strider first
-Anti-Phoenix Tech. Even if they kill She-hulk you still have dark strider
Strong V.S. anchor characters. Incoming Vergil you say? Get grabbed for free.

-Strider supers have low damage
-Ironman THC infinite required for high level play in my opinon. More likely to be dropped due to worst damage scaling in the game
-Losing Ironman hurts this team a lot in my opinion

***Nemesis (Clothesline rocket) / Thor (Mighty Smash) / Shuma (Mystic ray)
-Strong VS:
Appears to be extremely effective against Phoenix wright teams.
-I didn’t make this team for Dark phoenix but all 3 characters have tons of Japanese tech to instant kill her.
-Nemesis’ jump 3H punishes random assist while Mystic Ray limits air mobility.
-Very good synergy AND all three are anchors. Killing one character won’t destroy the team. (Although Thor may be the most important because he has the mobility)

Zero, [Morrigan / doom combo]

***M.O.D.O.K. (Psionic Blast) / Chun li (Hyakuretsu Kyaku ) / Shuma (Mystic Ray)
Strong VS:
This team works very well verses Morrigan / Doom spam tactics.
-Seems like it has the potential to be good vs Zero. M.O.D.O.K. at the top of the screen avoids a lot of his angles [I’m not sure. This needs more testing]

Chun li low damage output is a problem in my opinoin. I think its better to run the order of Chun li / M.O.D.O.K. / Shuma if you’re not playing a Morrigan. This order has way more offense.

3.) C. Viper / Iron man (Repulsor blast) / Shuma (Mystic Ray)
-Highly technical yet seems like a solid shell. (High skill level required so it needs more testing)

Strong VS: Vergil (unblockable setups on incoming characters)


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