‘A total witch hunt’: Trump tweets about FBI raids of his lawyer’s office

  • Trump lashed out at the DOJ after FBI raids his personal attorney Michael Cohen’s hotel room and office
  • In a pair of morning tweets, he said ‘Attorney-client privilege is dead’ and reiterated his claim that the special counsel investigation is a ‘witch hunt’
  • FBI agents seized documents and emails relating to the payment Cohen made to Stormy Daniels, the porn star who claims she had sex with Trump
  • Cohen is being probed for bank fraud and campaign finance violations and had his phone, computer and bank records seized
  • The raid indicates he is being investigated for using a home equity line of credit to borrow the $130,000 he used to pay Stormy Daniels for her silence – and shell companies to move the money
  • If Cohen lied to obtain credit he could be imprisoned for 30 years
  • Attorney-client privilege is nearly absolute, but can be overcome if communicating with a lawyer helps someone ‘further’ a crime
  • Daniels’ attorney tweeted at Trump: [T]he attorney-client privilege is not dead. What is dead is using the privilege to hide illegal acts’

Donald Trump lashed out at hs own Justice Department on Tuesday morning, following FBI raids on his longtime personal lawyer’s offices, home and hotel.

‘Attorney–client privilege is dead!’ Trump tweeted.



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