Pentagon Admits Billions In US Funds [STOLEN] Disappeared in Afghanistan To “Fraud, Waste And Abuse”

A new report from the Department of Defense Office of Inspector General (DoD IG) exposes even more fraud, waste and/or corruption in America’s ongoing war in Afghanistan. This latest report reveals that more than $3.1 billion of U.S. taxpayer funds provided to the Afghan Armed Forces from 2014 through 2017 was grossly mismanaged.

Money doesn’t disappear. No one loses it especially in large amounts. The money was stolen — end of story. The US government will try to downplay what’s happening as usual by saying “misused.” MISUSE OF TAXPAYER FUNDS IS STEALING. ANY NORMAL PERSON WHO “MISUSES” CORPORATE FUNDS WOULD BE CHARGED FOR ROBBERY.

Robbers should start using “misuse” as a defense. Just imagine in court: “Oh, sorry, I didn’t rob you. I missed used your money. You see instead of paying your bills it was used for my personal gain.”

Misuse… God, this country is so corrupt.

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