Hitbox Arcade Stick Tips: UMVC3 & KOF13

Quite frankly I think every input on this controller has much less room for execution error except for tiger knee motion. (2369 motion) This is the only thing that gets on my nerves so far because the controller will read 239 instead of 2369 until you find some sort of strange rhythm.

To explain the motions on hitbox Ill use W,A,S,D instead of number pad notation. Why? becaue 2+3 for is one direction on normal controllers. But 2+3 is  “S+D” which is two buttons on keyboard or hitbox. It can mean two different things when explaining how to use the controller so I wont use that.

Direction inputs:

W = Up
A = Left
S = Down
D = Right

Arcade Stick layout: Standard MVC3 – Which is L, M, H top row and Launch, Assist 1, Assist 2 for bottom row of buttons on an arcade stick

L = light attack
M = mid attack
H = Strong attack
SP = Launch attack
A1 = Assist 1
A2 = Assist 2


Wave dashing (ground) – The easiest way is —  S then L+M repeat

Plink dashing in air: This is much easier. NOTE Trish can plink dash like Storm and Magneto on hitbox. That’s right, you won’t get input errors such as air super or dive kick.

The way you do this is after flight [Always HOLD S+D for Left side of screen… Always hold S+A for right side of the screen]  Then press W+L+M then L+M… W+L+M then L+M… ETC

Basically [for left side of the screen] Your always holding down S+D. with your pointer and middle finger. The only directional button your pressing over and over is “W” with your thumb. This is all preformed with your left hand. Your right hand is pressing L+M over and over again


Button Layout:

LP = Light punch
HP = Hard punch
LK = Light Kick
HK = Hard Kick

Input directions are still WASD

Input commands:

Short hop — It’s super easy. Quickly Press S+D+W all at once.

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